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Nepal Heart Clinic

Nepal Hearth Clinic Pvt. Ltd. (NHC), is a private health clinic to provide the international standard treatement for heart diseases in Nepal. This company was established in 2006 and providing services related to heart problems from Prof. Dr. Prakash Raj Regmi and his team.

The NHC is also providing Ultrasonogram, ECG, ECHO, ABP, TMT, CIMT, HOLTER, Pathalogy, Pharmacy and Counselling services by experts and well experienced doctors.

The NHC is located at Dhobighat, Lalitpur (near Saraswati Mandir). Please call us at Tel: 01-5530126 and Mobile:9849201623 for an appointment or any queries related to our services.

Prof. Dr. Prakash Raj Regmi

Dr. Prakash Raj Regmi is a pioneering Cardiologist who has been working on prevention & Control of NCDs in Nepal. He was trained in Kharkov Medical University of Former Soviet Union, St. Anna University Hospital of Brno, Czech Republic and St. George's Teaching Hospital of London, UK. In last 27 years of his medical career he has worked in various hospitals under Government of Nepal. He has put tremendous efforts in the expansion and decentralization of Cardiac Services in Nepal. He has contributed a lot in public awareness generation through mass media. His field of interest in Medicine is preventive cardiology mainly Rheumatic Heart Disease and NCDs prevention.


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